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TEDx TUHHWomen 2015


This event took place on the 4th of June 2015 and was a live viewing party with streams from the “TED Women” conference in Monterey.

If you weren’t here, that’s what we witnessed: As we wanted this event to be special, we moved houses and arranged a nice set up at the highest level of the main building of TUHH. We got comfy chairs and benches and served drinks and little snacks as well. First part of the event was of course viewing the live stream of the TED Women conference taking place in California.

The session we watched was titled “Spark” and was full of enlightening talks by strong women such as Robin Murphy, disaster roboticist and Rana el Kaliouby, computer scientist whose TED talk you can watch here. After the break for everyone to get refreshed on this summery day, we dived right into networking which was divided into three different groups. One of these groups made a collage about how they perceive women’s struggles and position in today’s society and another one heard short talks by the attendees about their personal stories.

Everyone really was active on getting to know each other and exploring the topic. We’ll sure host another TEDxWomen event after such a great experience!

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