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TEDx TUHH 2012

Passion. Unboxing Ideas.

TEDxTUHH 2012 was the first TEDx event to be organized at TUHH. It took place on November 10, 2012 featuring a full day with ten speakers sharing their ideas.

“Passion. Unboxing Ideas.” – the leitmotif allowed us to focus on of the main drivers of ideas: Passion. TEDxTUHH 2012 was a platform which allowed visitors, students and employees of TUHH to refresh their spirits and pursue their own ideas with new energy. In 2012 we brought the essence of Ideas Worth Spreading to the TUHH campus, motivating everyone to take a look beyond and open the box of ideas for themselves.


The Partners

Karl H. Ditze Stiftung
Stiftung zur Förderung der Technischen Universität Hamburg Harburg

The Team

TEDx TUHH 2012 was organized by a team of volunteers with a variety of backgrounds.

They contributed their motivation and willingness to organize a special event and to promote the sharing of ideas.

TEDxTUHH 2012 Team

We would like to especially thank the team Bente Rathmann, Jan Winkelmann, Lilli Krizek, Frieder Steinmetz, Ayla Nawaz, Alexander Zaczek, Finn Jäger, Jan Hendrik Plumhoff, Florian Lehmkuhl, Moritz Göldner, Niels Hackius as well as our huge team of volunteers that helped during the day.

TEDx TUHH 2012 Photos