Nominate a Performer


Thank you for taking the time to nominate an individual or group for a performing role at our next TEDx TUHH event. We appreciate your willingness to act as an advocate for someone whose talent you believe in – if you were so moved to submit their name(s) for consideration, they must be great! We depend on input from the community at large to find our performers, and to help us understand why we should consider them.

TEDx TUHH is a great platform to demonstrate any performer’s talent and passion. As you can imagine, we receive many more submissions than we can possibly accept, so we need to ask that you help us in evaluating a performer nominee by making sure we have enough information to give them a good introduction.

The form below will help us give each performer a fair consideration, so we ask that you complete it thoroughly as directed. We use this information to decide if the performer or group you’ve nominated will fit with this year’s event and theme, and if we do, we’ll follow up with the nominee.

Please note: Each potential performer is given equal consideration, regardless of how many times they may be nominated, so there’s no advantage to multiple people submitting the form below, just one will do the trick!