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Life’s lessons from children in crises

Alexander Strauss studied Arabistics and African studies at the University of Vienna, with stays in Yemen and Africa. In parallel, he started exploring sundry expression forms and techniques of world and contemporary dance, such as candomble dances of Brazil or Sema dance of Turkish dervishes. He has been practicing Capoeira for twenty years. Since 1992, he is a professional dancer in numerous stage pieces and performances with many dance companies throughout Germany. He participated in leading company trainings and choreographic assistances taking him all over Europe, Russia, and Egypt. Starting in 2008, he is a hospital clown at the Klinik-Clowns Bayern e.V., visiting children, adults and the elderly with a focus on rheumatic and oncological treatment as well as palliative care.

Today, Strauss is president of Clowns Without Borders International, an independent non-profit organization, where professional artists perform to relieve the suffering of children in areas of crisis. So far, he has been part of missions to Georgia, India, Nepal and Turkey.