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How I grew up on a boat

Aurora Ulani Jacobsen, 10, was born in Taiwan and grew up on a catamaran sailing around the world for eight years. Highlights of the trip were the times spent in Kiribati and the Marshall Islands in the North Pacific, Madagascar and especially the uninhabited Chagos Archipelago in the Indian Ocean. She has spent every one of her ten birthdays in a different country and now lives in the north of Germany in a small village. Her mother tongue is Mandarin-Chinese, but she understands, speaks, reads and writes English and German just as well.

While she was sailing, she was homeschooled with the American Calvert homeschool curriculum in addition to Chinese and German and now attends a gymnasium (high school) in Flensburg. Next year she plans on learning yet another language, in this case Spanish. She is very interested in the animal world, all kinds of science and loves reading.

She has many friends all over the world and has already made many new ones in Germany. She would like to share her unique experiences as a “boat kid” to give you a window into a truly alternative lifestyle.